The Cook Sisters Jutta and Inge


The cook sisters Inge and Jutta come from Frankfurt / Main (Germany) and arrived in South Africa more than 15 years ago for professional purposes. Although the sisters have other career backgrounds (Jutta is an architect and Inge was director of a successful German chemical company), they have not only discovered their love for this beautiful country, its wonderful people and the wild animals, but also their passion for good food and cooking with delicious ingredients found in the Cape.


In their suitcases they brought many old recipes from their Hungarian grandmother and German mother which they combined lovely with the South African cuisine. Inspired by the Cape’s fiery spices paired with Hungarian and German dishes, as well as fresh fish and exquisite meat, the pop up restaurant “Piroschka’s Kitchen” was born. The cook sisters established “a very different” Catering business in Cape Town and were very successful right from the beginning.

The delicious wine of the world’s longest and oldest wine route formed the concept of introducing a 200-year-old recipe from the French/German wine region Alsace to South Africa. The foundation was laid, the winemakers of various vineyards were excited and Piroschka’s Flammkuchen aka Tarte Flambée scored in the South African market. Flammkuchen and wine are a match made in heaven!


Today, the cook sister’s delicious Flammkuchen can be found at almost every wine festival and prestigious market in and around Cape Town. Furthermore, Piroschka’s pop up Kitchen became very popular for private functions, weddings and big events in the Cape, serving authentic Austrian, Hungarian and German specialities.


Inge and Jutta don’t only spoil their customers in their local kitchen, they also take their guests on gourmet safaris into the African bush field, every year between May and July. There, in the middle of nowhere, they cook mouthwatering meals, surprising and amazing their guests again and again.


Inge Jutta Piroschka Inge Jutta Pokal